The Real Film Festival has an array of short films on offer this year. There is a strong focus on local community organisations doing their part to make our region cleaner and greener. There are associated screenings on films involving relocating bee swarms, the beauty of Mount Tomaree and efforts in saving the community’s coast. There are human grit stories involving the journey back from life threatening injuries, disability, homelessness to relatable stories of ethnicity, sexual orientation, women in business and the survival of an indigenous culture.

Newcastle has been the focus of a twelve short film series, “Stories of Our Town: Star Hotel Riot,” where experiences from people who experienced the riot in1979 as a reaction to the closing down of a popular music venue, Star Hotel. Even Cold Chisel were inspired by the event and wrote a song in reaction to it, Star Hotel.

There is nothing like holding your baby for the first time and, “Westpac – Alfie’s Rescue Story,” explores the experience of a parent’s worst nightmare in missing out on everything a new baby has to offer if it weren’t for Westpac Rescue Service.

There are so many enriching stories that are sure to inspire and keep you entertained.