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Musician/Filmaker Chit Chat von Loopin Stab and Carnivore Film’s Tony Whittaker are putting Newcastle under the microscope with 12 uniquely Novacastrian stories, entitled Stories of Our Town. The first documentary is the infamous Star Hotel Riot. In early Spring of 1979, this event put Newcastle on the world stage, for better or worse. This documentary is about ill prepared police, binge drinking, mob mentality but mostly the passion, dedication and loyalty that Novacastirans had for music and venues in the golden age of Pub Rock. This remarkably detailed story is told by those who lived it. Coppers, journalists, musicians, cameramen, rioters and rockstars all give testimony. It was Anarchy in Newie not long after the Pistols were screaming for it in the UK.

Directed and Researched by Chit Chat von Loopin Stab

Rating: Unclassified (MA)

Run Time: 26mins

Followed by a Q&A session with the Director: Chit Chat von Loopin Stab