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The intimate story of Khaled, a young man struggling to hold onto his humanity as he searches 10 years, across 4 continents for peace and freedom.

RATING: Unclassified 15+
RUN TIME: 85 mins
SYPNOSIS: Khaled fought against the “beast” of terror when working as an interpreter for the Coalition Forces in Iraq. Born Iraqi but raised in the Netherlands he believes in Western ideals of freedom like any Dutchman. But Khaled couldn’t escape the legacy of violence and spends the next 10 years travelling across 4 continents in search of safety. In the age of terror, Khaled is someone to be feared and is treated inhumanely. In 2015 he documents his quest to return home. Will he find sanctuary and have the life he always deserved or will he finally crack and become the “beast” they all fear him to be?
PRODUCER: Greer Simpkin.
CAST: Khaled & Léon van Schie
COUNTRY: Australia
DISTRIBUTION: Bunya Productions

Q&A’s with Sanctuary Director Kaye Harrison, and Execution Island Director Jamie Humphries.
Welcome drinks and food carts available on the night.

RATING: Unclassified
RUNTIME: 13 mins
SYNOPSIS: In February 2006, two young Australians were convicted of drug smuggling in Indonesia and were sentenced to death by firing squad. During their 9 years in prision, Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan were rehabilitated and began many positive activities within the prison such as mentoring other prisoners and helping to teach English. Myuran became an accomplished artist, while Andrew became an ordained minister and established a church inside the prison. Rev Chrisite Buckingham was Myuran’s spiritual adviser. This is her eye witness account of a night that will never be forgotten.
DIRECTOR: Jamie Humphris
WRITERS: Julian York and Jamie Humphries
PRODUCERS: Julian York, Anton Bekker and Jamie Humphris

RATING: Unclassified
RUNTIME: 4 mins
SYNOPSIS: There is nothing that compares to holding your newborn for the first time. It’s a moment of joy, relief, exhaustion and a little trepidation. For parents Daniel and Brookeit was an emotional ordeal and if not for the Westpac Rescue helicopter it may not have come at all.
PRODUCER: Rolling Ball Productions