This year’s Real Film Festival brings with it an eminent range of feature films. You will be taken on a journey through real life stories, created to move, entertain and inform the viewer.

Kicking off the festival is feature film, “In My Blood It Runs,” that follows the journey of a young indigenous boy who is juggling the learning of his traditional culture in comparison to his mandatory schooling. The constant wavering between the two brings about tension and triumph for young Dujuan, in his search for self and belonging.

Moving along to a heart-rendering yet controversial screening of, “Green Light,” where two Australian men are working to facilitate medicinal cannabis to those suffering from chronic pain and terminal illnesses. To numerous Australian’s who require this care, the duo put their safety and everything they stand for at risk.

The controversy continues with, “The Final Quarter,” where AFL star and indigenous leader Adam Goodes is followed through his final football years in union with the Sydney Swans. He was put through the ringer as an advocate for calling out racism and yet still received backlash with suggestions of posing for free kicks and on field dance celebrations.

The festival ends with a film that is environmentally close to our hearts, “Defend Conserve Protect,” looks at the struggle between whaling fleets, anti-whaling fleets and whales. The gentle giants of the ocean are the focus of the determined eco-activists who stand up against the aggressive whaling platoons.

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