Festival Overview

The 2019 Real Film Festival brings with it a swell of amazing talent to more locations than ever before. Storytelling of real people and connections within their world, will be brought to you across the hunter region from Maitland to Newcastle and Lake Macquarie to Port Stephens.

Coming back into its 8th year of production, the Real Film Festival will be accompanied by workshops from leading creatives in their field including Don McAlpine, Michael Cox, Tim Crosbie, Scott Hartley, Ben Simons and appearing on a discussion panel will be Rachel Blake. High profile films including Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, X-men Origins: Wolverine, Fast & Furious, Superman Returns and Moulin Rouge are just a few films these unreal professionals have collaborated on. This opportunity brings the excitement and hype of film making to life by allowing aspiring people to learn from the talent that brought these stories to life.

Who loves Avatar? You have the chance to meet Michael Cox, the Virtual Reality Specialist and Head of Visual Effects (VFX) Supervisor that brought you hours of breath-taking visuals for that spectacular movie. Over half of this movie was made by completely computer-generated imagery (CGI) which requires a large amount of collaboration and expertise to create a work as stunning as this. Michael is also known for his technical textural work on X Men: First Class and Planet of the Apes where there was a common theme of action and suspense that was all brought to life through visual effects. Attached is a short clip of the layering and process behind making a scene from Avatar.


The Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, The Great Gatsby, Superman Returns and The Wolverine all have one thing in common, Tim Crosbie! How unbelievable to be part of so many action packed films. Tim was the visual effects supervisor on Multiple X-Men: Days of Future Past where his work received an Oscar nomination! The powers of the characters portrayed in the X Men universe, require a whole range of varying effects. You can see here how some of those effects are brought to the screen.


The beautiful Rachel Blake will offer her insight on a panel discussion on the importance of story telling through film for social change. She will speak from a place of experience after appearing in Sleeping Beauty and Gods of Egypt where she co-starred alongside Gerard Butler. Not only is she a home grown Aussie talent but she has been recognised on an international level through prestigious awards including Best Actress Award at Montreal Film Festival and a Silver Logie for her work on television. Rachel has continued to work in high list movies such as Truth where she appeared alongside Cate Blanchett and has deservingly been acknowledged for her services to the Australian Film Industry where she was awarded the Centenary Medal.
Attached is the trailer for Sleepy Beauty where Rachel stars and produces the voice over for the trailer.


Our first workshops will be held on Friday the 15th of November at Tafe NSW Hunter Campus on Hunter Street Newcastle between 9am and 4pm.

In keeping with inspiring stories, we invite you to submit your short films for the Real Film Festival’s short film competition touching on themes such as Human Rights Issues, Environmental and Social Justice. They could further be influenced by diversity, the celebration of inclusion, Hunter Region Stories as well as a brand new and relevant category Cut!Waste. If you feel there is a story waiting to be liberated from your mind it would be such an opportunity to bring it to this platform. Not only for the chance of winning $6000 in mentorship and cash prizes but to be surrounded by talented industry people who will be viewing your work.

Please visit our Facebook and Instagram accounts as well as the Real Film Festival website to keep up to speed with all the amazing opportunities that await you.