30% (Women and Politics in Sierra Leone) Poster

30% (Women and Politics in Sierra Leone)

Director/Producer – Anna Cady
Executive Producers – Tessa Lewin, Jo Nolan, Andrea Cornwall
Runtime – 10:40
Oil-painted animation brings to life the stories of three powerful women in post-conflict Sierra Leone, revealing the violence and corruption women face as they fight for fairer representation in governing their country.

Boy in the Pinstriped Suit Poster

Boy in the Pinstriped Suit

Director/Producer – Maree Azzopardi
Runtime – 7:43
Part homage, part cathartic journey, the story is told through the use of old photographs and narrated with the writer’s own voice.
The Boy in the Pinstriped suit follows the life of Philip and explores the strained but loving relationship between a father and daughter.

Red Earth Hip Hop Poster

Red Earth Hip Hop

Director – Jason Van Genderen
Runtime – 6:30
Take a music culture built on survival and introduce it to the world’s oldest surviving indigenous race. ‘Red Earth Hip Hop’ is the trailer for an inspiring, visceral documentary that examines the underground pulse that’s travelled all the way from the Bronx to the red heart of the Australian outback, empowering a new generation of Aboriginal Australian youth with both story and voice.

Of Middle Eastern Appearance Poster

Of Middle Eastern Appearance

Director/Producer – Paula Abood
Runtime – 5:43
Paula’s doco-drama ‘Of Middle Eastern Appearance’ examines the impact of the ‘ethnic descriptor’ on a disparate community.

Land of Honey Poster

Land of Honey

Director/Producer – Mark Bolotin
Runtime – 5:37
A short documentary about honey, Russian culture and a filmmaker’s procrastination!

Nina Poster


Director/Producer – Rolmar Baldonado
Runtime – 9:45
Nina yearns to be a special girl and to meet the man of her dreams. But life for this Filipino transsexual in Sydney is filled with isolation and displacement. A truly courageous and moving portrait.

Phogotten Times Poster

Phogotten Times

Director – Binh Trong
Producers – Joseph Jermey, Binh Trong
Runtime – 6:30
Phogotten Times is about the simple Vietnamese dish called Pho consisting of broth, noodles and condiments. An evolution of ingredients that has produced a national icon In Vietnam, before the advent of restaurants and trendy cafes, people squat around small temporary food stalls which server various savoury and sweet dishes. Pho was originally sold by street vendors who carried it over their shoulder by suspending the pot of the broth and other ingredients at either ends of a bamboo pole. More importantly, it is the intimacy of being served by the one who has cooked the food and who will also wash your bowl. It is the interaction, the conversation and the connection, a wonderful cultural heritage that I hope will come out of this documentary and not the satisfaction of a full belly.

Silent Scream Poster

Silent Scream

Directors – Lee Willis-Ardler, Tina Schiano
Producer – Tina Schiano
Runtime – 16:08
SILENT SCREAM reveals the strain placed on the family and friends of a 37 year old Aboriginal husband, father and film-maker Lee Willis-Ardler, who is desperately trying to manage his mental illness. We follow Lee as he seeks to find an explanation for the aggressive ‘episodes’ that threaten his marriage – while his family and friends bravely tell us of their struggle - having been left to pick up the pieces by a system that appears designed to treat only those who’ve reached an acute state.

Kakio's Story Poster

Kakio's Story

Director – Shingo Usami
Producers – Shingo Usami, Brad Haynes
Runtime – 5:45
When the war broke out in December 1941, Kakio Matsumoto, an ex-pearl diver in Broome , was arrested with all the other Japanese living in Australia. His half aboriginal and half Filipino wife, Lena Matsumoto, had no choice but to follow her husband to be detained along with their little children. However the military authorities’ decision to reclassify all the ex-pearl divers as POW’s separated Kakio from his family. Distressed by the isolation in the camp, Lena became mentally unstable and started causing troubles soon after his departure. Kakio’s attempts to have their family reunited faced the governments bureaucracy and racism as her condition got worse.

A Day In The Life of a Canteen lady Poster

A Day In The Life of a Canteen lady

Producers – ABC Open Hunter and Scone High School
Runtime – 3:05
This is an ABC Open video postcard about Tonia Barton, the canteen manager at Scone High School in the Upper Hunter region of New South Wales. They keep the bellies of our kids full so their minds are alert for learning but, as students at Scone High found out, a typical day in the life of a canteen manager is also about creating profits used to top up school funds for a variety of needs.

Video Postcard from the Fernleigh Track Poster

Video Postcard from the Fernleigh Track

Producer – ABC Open Hunter
Runtime – 1:34
ABC Open Hunter producer Anthony Scully has created a Video Postcard from the Fernleigh Track, riding his skateboard down the shared pedestrian and cycleway that links the cities of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, along a leg he calls the Kahibah Chairlift.

'New in Newcastle' Video Postcard Poster

'New in Newcastle' Video Postcard

Producer – Gemma Wolk
Runtime – 1:51
In this short film Gemma Wolk mashes two ABC Open projects together, creating a Video Postcard of Newcastle reading her ‘Newbie in Newy’ poem, from the 500 Words: New In Town project, as a voice-over.

Video Postcard from A Country Station Poster

Video Postcard from A Country Station

Producer – Phillip Reynolds
Runtime – 1:36
This ABC Open Video Postcard was shot at Harden railway station, in the south western slopes region of NSW. Phillip writes; ‘The station itself has a quiet, rarely-visited feel to it – but it has been well looked, after and goods and passenger trains do go through from time to time. Just on dusk I managed to score a full moon rising over the hill.’

Day in the life of an artist Poster

Day in the life of an artist

By Matthew Hatton
Runtime – 2:56
This ABC Open Day In The Life video focuses on John Bradley, an artist from the Hunter Valley. Over the past 40 years, he has been creating works that cross a variety of genres from landscapes to historical depictions. Many of his paintings feature rural settings in and around the Hunter.

Newcastle Ice Skater Poster

Newcastle Ice Skater

By James Morello, Ashlee King and Rebekah Grujevski
Runtime – 2:00
Over the past six years 14-year-old Hunter-based skater Kailani Craine has been carving up the ice, all around Australia. In this ABC Open films for the 110% Sport project, we follow Kailani in her quest to break into the international skating scene, along the road to the Australian 2014 Olympics team for Sochi, Russia.

Karl. Yoga. Newcastle Poster

Karl. Yoga. Newcastle

By Sophie De Vitis, Teleri Clark
Runtime – 2:04
Karl Jaross has been on a journey of personal transformation and self-discovery through yoga. In this ABC Open films for the 110% Sport project, Karl explains how he manages to feel younger today at 45 than he did at 35.

A life in Hapkido Poster

A life in Hapkido

By John Redmond, Sean Renwick, Gregory O'Regan, Daniel Sparrow
Runtime – 2:00
In this ABC Open films for the 110% Sport project, we meet Ron Rees, ‘a 59-year-old with the ability to dispatch any aggressors with ease’. The Central Coast martial arts expert has almost half a century of experience behind him.

Kyle Middleton Mototrails Rider Poster

Kyle Middleton Mototrails Rider

By Sam Carmen, Jack Kavanagh, Brett Griesberg and Matt Willis
Runtime – 1:57
Kyle Middleton, 22, from Lake Macquarie, works a typical 9 to 5 life by day, but in this ABC Open film for the 110% Sport project we learn about Kyle’s passion and dedication for motorcycle trials that has taken him to Australia’s number one spot, and competitions around the world.

Day in the life of a volunteer fire fighter Poster

Day in the life of a volunteer fire fighter

By Jaimie-Maree Kelly, Sasha Zajec, Emily Steele
Runtime – 2:39
This documentary follows a Day In The Life of Danielle Kelly, a passionate volunteer fire fighter at the Peninsula Rural Fire Brigade in Mirrabooka. Jaime writes: “Danielle is the epitome of dedication and passion for a bigger cause.”

The G Man - a gamer Poster

The G Man - a gamer

By David Fulham, Sam Blomley
Runtime – 2:29
This Day In The Life films follows Tom Cupitt, ‘a mild mannered golf and video game enthusiast’, in his quest to become one of the world’s best online gamers. The producers pose the question: can some people really tell the difference between Virtual Reality and Real Life?

The Battle of amFAR Poster

The Battle of amFAR

Directors – Rob Epstein, Jeffery Friedman
Executive Producer – Kenneth Cole
Producers – Rob Epstein, Jeffery Friedman, Sharon Wood
Runtime – 40:00
When AIDS strikes, two very different women—Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor and research scientist Dr. Mathilde Krim—join forces to create America’s first AIDS research foundation. The fight against HIV/AIDS has never been the same. Visually dazzling and emotionally compelling, this story offers a surprising perspective on the still ongoing fight against AIDS.